Notes in the Margin: Charles Darwin

By Carol Feltes

Happy Birthday Charles Darwin! Celebrate with “a little gem of a book:”

Darwin book cover There have been so many books written about Charles Darwin, what should you recommend as an introduction to history’s most celebrated biologist? Here is the answer, Tim Berra’s Charles Darwin: The Concise Story of an Extraordinary Man. Not only is it well populated with relevant, interesting, and appealing illustrations, it is succinct while covering everything important, and it is eminently readable. Dr. Berra, ichthyologist, ecologist, and Emeritus Professor of The Ohio State University, has spent a life time studying evolution in the guise of his fishes as well as studying the great man and his life. Dr. Berra is a noted speaker on Darwin, and this book is a result of his experience developing and perfecting his lecture series. Now retired from teaching, Dr. Berra is delving even deeper into the Darwin mystique. He has a new book coming from Oxford University Press in July, 2013: Charles Darwin and his children: His other legacy.

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