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Jeanne Garbarino, chief editor

Dr. Jeanne Garbarino is a Bronx native, mother, and wife. She is also a metabolic biologist – turned Director of Science Outreach at The Rockefeller University (RU), with a huge interest in science communication.  This is evidenced by her involvement  in a variety of scicomm initiatives, such as SpotOn NYC (SoNYC) and Double X Science. You will never catch Jeanne eating meatloaf or brussel sprouts. Ever.  You can find her tweeting as @JeanneGarb.

John Borghi, managing editor

Dr. John Borghi is a cognitive neuroscientist and the science informationist at The Rockefeller University’s Markus Library. Currently residing in Brooklyn, you can catch him eating all the Brussels sprouts, teaching classes on neuroscience and comic books, and tweeting as @JohnBorghi.

John also manages the Incubator’s Facebook page, which you should definitely visit.


  1. Emily Dennis,

    Your fine article on separating science from hype was forwarded to me. One of my specialties is teaching science to non-science-major university students. I spend about 10% of the curriculum teaching them to tell good science from bad or pseudoscience. Our suggestions overlap quite a bit. Mine are all posted; you’re welcome to use or quote them:

    Doug Duncan

    • Thanks so much! Gabrielle and I had a really fun time writing it- and being from a really religious area of the midwest, it’s a topic that’s near and dear to my heart. Your course outline looks great! I wish I had had something like that when I was in high school, I had to figure it out all on my own.

      Thanks again and keep up the good work!