Javier Fernandez-Martinez

I love the challenges and those (rare) moments of "eureka"! Realizing that you might be the first human to observe or find out something new about nature is extremely rewarding. And yes, since I can

Christine Marizzi

  I've done science my whole life even if it wasn't called science. At 14 or 15 I learned about botany. My dad was a bio teacher, he knew every plant. My grandmother taught me

Evon Hekkala

Recently, people seem to have a hard time linking their everyday experiences to what they think of as science. What we really need now is to remember how science was done for most of its

Parts Per Millions: Taking A Closer Look at the Relationships of Life on Earth

“Symbioses are the ultimate examples of success through collaboration and the powerful benefits of intimate relationships.” – David Relman When studying science and the world around us, there is a tendency to walk a reductionist

Learning to #FailBetter

The impact of science on our society is undeniable. Yet, most typically engage with science at the very end of the scientific process, seeing a scientific output as something that is powerful, high-profile, and very

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The Many Faces of Science Diplomacy

By May Dobosiewicz and Kimberly Siletti     The intersection between public policy and science has become increasingly palpable in the past few months. Concerned with the policies recently issued from Washington, D.C., the President