Welcome to The Incubator, a blog run by The Rockefeller University community focused on hatching conversations about science.

Science is everywhere, and it is our goal at the Incubator to showcase science in a variety of contexts.  If you are interested in the intersection of science, art, policy, and society, or just wish to keep up to date on current scientific research  you are in the right place! Because science impacts everyone, we feel that everyone should have access to clear, jargon-free science information. We welcome you to join the conversation and submit an article or musings to nrabinowit@rockefeller.edu.

The Incubator was originally started by Jeanne Garbarino, Joe Luna, and Jessica Wright in 2009. The name was inspired by a group of mallard ducks that find their way to the Rockfeller University every spring. These ducks travel not to a marsh, or a national park, but to a tiny patch of parkland within the densest urban area in the United States — Rockefeller University and our Faculty Club fountain.




Nica Rabinowitz, managing editor

Nica Rabinowitz is a Brooklyn native and plant mom living in Red Hook, Brooklyn. She is the Communications Coordinator at RockEdu, where she gets to explore the intersection of science, art and advocacy everyday. You can see her successes (and failures!) creating a completely closed-loop system of textile production – from soil to soil – on instagram as @fiberhousecollective

Jeanne Garbarino, creator and editor

Dr. Jeanne Garbarino is a Bronx native, mother, and wife. She is also a metabolic biologist – turned Director of Science Outreach at The Rockefeller University (RU), with a huge interest in science communication.  This is evidenced by her involvement in a variety of scicomm initiatives, such as SpotOn NYC (SoNYC) and Double X Science. You will never catch Jeanne eating meatloaf or brussel sprouts. Ever. You can find her tweeting as @JeanneGarb.